Mothership Opera!

I've had the privilege of collaborating with the very talented and creative Caress Reeves for the last two years on various projects (the first of which was Shadow Blessings). Caress has always believed that score plays a huge part in storytelling... something that I appreciate (obviously), and she also has a love for Stravinsky (and rightly so!). 

Almost a year ago, she came to me and asked me to score her thesis film, "Mothership Opera", and all that she said was that it was going to be a "funk opera". Trust me, folks. You're gonna want to see this one. 

After receiving over 100 auditions, we finally settled on our three lead characters, and I started writing for those voices. There are influences of Mozart, Wagner, Verdi, Coltrane, Aloe Blacc, resulting in a work that is distinctly... Fonda. 

We recorded with a choir in Los Angeles in July of this year. Here's a snippet of the project from the opening act... enjoy! 

Behind the Curtain (preview)

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