Down the Fence, Commissions, and an EP

I'm humbled and thrilled to share that I've been brought on as the composer for the documentary Down the Fence. I had the privilege of meeting up with the crazy talented team in Simi Valley a few weeks ago, and am pumped to be a part of the crew! I can honestly say that the pre-color rough footage that I've seen is stunning. Make sure to follow the Down the Fence page (above) for updates as we move along, and check out the blog with a blurb about yours truly. Oh, and the film is being narrated by the one and only Ted Levine (Monk, American Gangster, Shutter Island, etc.)! Also, shout out to Lori Adamski-Peek Photography's page for a look at how great these shots are going to be!

I was also commissioned by the venerable Lexie Signor (a good friend from Grad School) to write a new trio for trumpet, tuba, and piano that will be premiered in the Indianapolis area this fall. Lexie is an amazing musician, and I'm excited about what we're coming up with! 

Also, stay tuned from Slowly in Type Music... big news on that coming soon! Check out our page. 

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