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I've tried writing this blog twice and deleted both versions. Both versions were about the process of creating the score for Shawn, my relationship with Brian Ivie (the film's director), the technical details, and anything remotely nerdy that most of you reading this would probably find interesting. And then, after 45 minutes of writing, I realized that it was all wrong.

Because all of these things aren't what Shawn is about. 

I have never wept more while working on a movie than I did while scoring Shawn. I have never been more humbled on a project, and never more sobered by life. Brian has become a dear friend who has iterally stayed up ALL night with me as we worked to tell the story of a wayward son, a desperate mother, an angry father, and a gracious God. And the craziest thing to me about Shawn is that it's all true. 

If you're a family man, a wayward son, someone who regrets or is afraid of their past, someone who counts themselves as religious, someone who's offended by religion, or someone who can't bear to think about what the future might hold because tomorrow's unknowns are almost too much to bear, watch this film. I promise you that it will be some of the best 20 something minutes of your life that you've spent, but not because it is artistically satisfying, has an interesting score, or features Francis Chan. While these things are true, they're not the reason that we made this film. 

We made this film because of who Shawn Malone was, who he is, and why he's alive today. And, funnily enough, none of that... is about Shawn.
So, will you follow the link above and watch this true story for free online? You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.