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DOWN THE FENCE Original Score Teaser!

About two years ago, I got a call from a director in Washington state named "MJ Isakson". Not recognizing the number, I (naturally) ignored the call. Message was something like this: 

"Hi, Grant, my name's MJ Isakson, and I'm calling about a new documentary that I'm working on. I found your website and enjoy your music. Could you give me a call back at your earliest convenience?" 

Little did I know how much that one phone call would be a game changer for me. Over the last two years, I've been privileged to make friends with the crew, visit sets and screenings, be a part of the editing process, and create some of the most fun music I've ever been able to write for a film. AND the entire score is driven by MELODY. 

The full album releases on July 6, but in the meantime, I'm thrilled to be able to finally share a bit from the score. Here's A NOBLE CALLING, featuring the ambient guitar handiwork of Wil Pearce, and sprinkled with the sonic angel dust of Scott Frankfurt of Scott Frankfurt Studio. Enjoy!

Green Convergence

I've had the great privilege of collaborating with Naknek Design for the last several months. I'm consistently inspired by their commitment to excellence, customer service, and tireless efforts to give their clients the very best, no matter what. Graham (Creative Director) consistently challenges me to try new things and explore new textures, and always, always, there's a request for a melody (I like this guy!).

Here's the latest score for a series of short documentaries they're putting together for a local company that's serving Santa Clarita's Solar Power needs. We went for a very bright and upbeat sound... full of energy (get it?). Many thanks to my friends Wil Pearce (guitars), Gabe DiMarco (cello) and Brett Bird (violin) for adding humanity to this.