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Last summer, Michael Carp approached me about composing a new work for solo vibraphone that was out of the "normal" idiom for the medium. He wanted something that was largely lyrical, emotional, infused with cinematic tendencies, something that would appeal to a wide range of audiences rather than just the "studied" crowd. After a series of calls, Skype calls across states and countries, Christmas Eve revisions, and brainstorms, I came up with a through-composed multi-movement work called THE FIVE STAGES OF GRIEF. Mike did a lovely job bringing his own artistry and heart to this work and made for a wonderful collaboration.

As a composer, I'm particularly partial to the fourth and fifth movements, but I'd love to hear what resonates with you as performers, listeners . Let me know if you're interested in the score!

Projects like this with people like Mike make it fun to live in the concert world. Stay tuned for a new work for piano + percussion coming soon.... 

Green Convergence

I've had the great privilege of collaborating with Naknek Design for the last several months. I'm consistently inspired by their commitment to excellence, customer service, and tireless efforts to give their clients the very best, no matter what. Graham (Creative Director) consistently challenges me to try new things and explore new textures, and always, always, there's a request for a melody (I like this guy!).

Here's the latest score for a series of short documentaries they're putting together for a local company that's serving Santa Clarita's Solar Power needs. We went for a very bright and upbeat sound... full of energy (get it?). Many thanks to my friends Wil Pearce (guitars), Gabe DiMarco (cello) and Brett Bird (violin) for adding humanity to this.