The Five Stages of Grief (for Solo Vibraphone) SHEET MUSIC

The Five Stages of Grief (for Solo Vibraphone) SHEET MUSIC


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Grief. That word hurts a bit, doesn’t it? So, why compose about grief? At some point in your life, you’ve either experienced it, or, if you haven’t yet, because of your humanity, you surely will. Some seasons of grief are long and arduous, some short and, while equally painful, perhaps not as menacing in force; each of these carry a wide range of emotion... an unwillingness to accept the hard truth (denial)... hard and loud and quiet and simmering anger... confused and sometimes pleading bargaining with God, man, anything that will make time go backwards to take away the pain... sinking, sulking, overwhelming despair (depression)... and finally, a quiet but assured conviction that what’s done is done, that there is strength to move on... acceptance and conclusion of a chapter. This work captures these Five Stages of Grief that we as humans know all too well. Seasons of grief, not unlike (and not often removed from) love, offers us opportunity to learn about ourselves, our world, our humanity. And so, regardless of how you feel about these program notes and inspire of whatever notion you might have formed about this work, as you listen, may you remember––not just grief itself––but its lessons, your loved ones, and the cherished places and memories that have brought unspeakable joy.

A very special thanks goes to Michael Carp for commissioning this work. It’s been a great joy to work with him and to hear and see him champion new music.

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